Tourist Friendly Destinations Around the World: Take a Vacation This Year

Tourist Friendly Destinations Around the World: Take a Vacation This Year

Did you know that taking a vacation can help relieve stress and induce relaxation? If you have not been on a vacay in a while, now is the time to start planning one. We all need it!

Below, we will cover some of the most tourist friendly destinations around the world. Trust us, you do NOT want to skip them either.

If you have the chance to visit any of these destinations, we can guarantee you will enjoy them.

1. Prague

Hidden within Europe and often missed, Prague is a beautiful destination for tourists. The city sees millions of tourists a year and there is reason for it as well. Not only will you enjoy the beautiful architecture and buildings while in Prague, you will enjoy the local tastings of beer and food. Throughout the city, you will find that locals are inviting and there are many charming neighborhoods that beg for you to take a stroll through.

2. Great Barrier Reef

You have likely heard of the Great Barrier Reef and how it is a breathtaking place to visit. Many tourists visit this location every year. The reef is home to many fish and sea life along with beautiful colorful coral. Exploring the ocean and reef is just half the fun too – in fact, you can lay out on the beach, go sailing, or enjoy the local city life.

3. Costa Rica

If you are the outdoorsy type and you like to get your boots muddy, Costa Rica is the place for you. The area is filled with tons of nature paths, forests, and wetlands to be explored. The country is welcoming of tourists and sees many throughout the year as well. While here, you can enjoy what nature has to offer and when you are done, simply sit back on the beach or take a small walk to view the iguanas on land.

4. Florence, Italy

In general, Italy is very welcoming to tourists and one of the hottest countries to visit as well. The area is bustling with people and things to do, so there will never be a dull moment. In fact, you may be hard-pressed to do everything in the short amount of time you are there. Florence is home to delicious food, gelato, museums, and of course, the Ponte Vecchio bridge, which is an iconic landmark that you MUST see.

5. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a great place for tourists to visit and you will not find yourself disappointed. If you do plan to head to Hong Kong, be prepared to spend some serious time here as you will have to be ripped away. The amazing skylines are great to look at from your hotel room. While you are here, you must try the local food fare, visit with locals, check out the shops, and experience the night life. Lastly, you need to make sure to take a trip on the Star Ferry, so you can really take in some of the most breathtaking views the area has to offer.

Where Will You Go?

It can be hard to choose a single destination to visit, but the above five options give you a great starting point. There are many cities and countries out there that are more than welcoming to tourists and as a tourist, you will find that these cities and countries have a lot to offer you as well.

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