Top 6 Most Popular Cruise Lines

Top 6 Most Popular Cruise Lines

When you are deciding on a cruise, you want to know that the ship you choose is not only safe, but it has the best amenities available to you. What fun would a cruise be if the cruise ship was unable to accommodate your needs?

Below we will discuss the six most popular cruise lines out there and if you are planning a vacation anytime soon, you’ll want to consider one of these lines.

1. Disney Cruise Lines

You have probably heard of the Disney Cruise Lines and it is one of the most popular cruises for families. The cruise line offers many on-board activities that keep kids and parents busy throughout their trip. The cruise often sets sail to the Caribbean but it also does sail to Western Europe and even Alaska.

2. Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines is a favorite among those who want to travel to the Caribbean. The ships offers a variety of on-board activities and the ships stop in some of the hottest ports throughout the Caribbean. Travelers can take up to a 14-day cruise through this cruise line.

3. Norwegian Cruise Lines

The Norwegian Cruise Lines is known for their relaxing atmosphere and on-board activities, which include comedy shows, popular food events, and more. The ships travels throughout destinations including the Caribbean, Mexico, and other places.

4. Royal Caribbean International

The Royal Caribbean International is one of the biggest ships in the cruise line industry and it provides guests with the experience of a lifetime. Known for extravagant on-board activities such as bumper cars, the cruise line’s ships travel to Mexico, the Caribbean, and Hawaii.

5. Oceania Cruises

The Oceania Cruises are known for all of their destination trips along the way. If you are looking to cover the Caribbean in one trip, this is the best option for you. The cruise line does offer some fun and adventurous off-board adventures that travelers will enjoy.

6. Princess Cruises

The Princess Cruises cater to those who love the Caribbean as most of their ports are in hot spots including Barbados, Honduras, and similar. This cruise line is ideal for couples, teens, children, and adults.

The above six cruise lines are the most popular around and they provide travelers with not only a good time, but many beautiful stops throughout the Caribbean. If you choose to travel through one of these cruise lines, you won’t be disappointed.

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