Vacation in Heavenly Honolulu

Vacation in Heavenly Honolulu

Why should you vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii?

The better question is, “Why would you vacation anyplace else?” Honolulu, Hawaii is like no other place on earth. If warm and tranquil waters, friendly islanders and air that is thick with floral fragrances sound inviting, you are looking at the perfect vacation destination. Honolulu has it all! From historic Pearl Harbor to the world famous beaches of Waikiki, visitors are sure to be captivated by Honolulu. Located on the island of Oahu, some of Hawaii’s more popular attractions are found in Honolulu. A hike to the top of Diamond Head will provide visitors with panoramic views of Honolulu. Kamahameha’s most famous statue stands in downtown Honolulu. For a taste of royalty, visit Iolani Palace, the state’s official residence of royalty. For world-class snorkeling, a visit to Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is a must.

When is tourist season?

Tourist season officially begins when your plane lands. Visit any time of the year. The average temperature in Honolulu is 77.5 degrees. Imagine spending Christmas day lying on a sun-baked beach with temperatures hovering around 75 degrees. The tropical climate is an excellent reason to vacation in Honolulu. The best travel time is when your local weather is at its worst. Although great travel deals exist throughout the year, it is not uncommon to get even better deals on airline tickets and hotels during the summer months.

Accommodations in Honolulu

Almost every major hotel chain has a number of facilities in Honolulu. Visitors can also choose from one of several locally owned hotels. Rooms directly on Waikiki Beach may run around $200 per night, but if you do not mind walking a block to the beach, rates are often considerably lower. It is easy to find condominiums for rent at reasonable rates. Some of these units require that guests book reservations for a minimum of one week. Budget-conscious visitors often choose rooms nearer the airport. These rooms frequently go for less than $100 per night. Honolulu is one of the top destinations for honeymoons and anniversary celebrations. Couples often prefer to stay in one of Honolulu’s bed and breakfast inns. Visitors have plenty of options when it comes to lodging. Simply pick the area of Honolulu that you prefer and quality rooms are almost certainly to be available at a price that you will find very affordable. Whatever your preference or budget, there are accommodations in Honolulu that are sure to satisfy your needs.

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