Lake Mead: Come On In, the Water’s Fine!

Lake Mead: Come On In, the Water's Fine!

Succumb to the lure of the lake!

Lake Mead, Nevada is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque locales in North America. Located on the Colorado River, the lake is a reservoir formed with the assistance of Hoover Dam. The lake consists of over 500 miles of shoreline providing ample opportunities to explore and enjoy the lake. With so much water, many of the recreational activities are water-related. Boating is probably the most popular activity. Visitors can rent or bring their own jet skis and pleasure boats. The lake is the perfect location to launch your sailboat. If the idea of a houseboat sounds appealing, Lake Mead is the perfect location for that too! There are lots of water activities that you can do without a boat. Swimming and diving are both popular past times. For those sun gods and goddesses, the lakeside is the perfect place to soak up some rays! Fishermen can’t wait to cast a line into the lake waters. Feel free to try your luck on your own or hire an experienced guide.

Want even more activities?

Surrounded by desert, this area is a virtual nirvana for nature and landscape photographers. Hiking offers its own rewards. In addition to the health benefits of a nature hike, the rocky cliffs and sandy beaches are breathtaking to look at. One of the most impressive sites in the country is located at Lake Mead. Hoover Dam is a national historic landmark and the gravity-arch design has to be considered a feat of engineering. Science, history and technology buffs can keep busy exploring the dam and museum. If that’s not enough, Lake Mead is only about 30 miles from exciting Las Vegas.

Home sweet houseboat!

While there are lots of vacation rentals available in the form of hotels, condominiums and cabins, perhaps the best way to truly experience Lake Mead is from the deck of a houseboat! A 50′ houseboat can easily accommodate up to eight people. Typical rentals run from three to seven nights. The average daily houseboat rental is about $525 per day. Larger houseboats run up to 75′ feel long and may have as many as six bedrooms. Look for amenities on some of these units to include whirlpools, satellite television and a waterslide! The average daily rental for these upper-end models can run nearly $1,800 but considering that it is big enough for six couples, the price seems much more manageable.

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